Comcast Speed Test; Steps To Fix Slow Internet

Everybody who utilizes YouTube is familiar with how maddening it is when the videos continue freezing or will not even play. At times this is an issue with YouTube, but at some other times, this is a sign of more ominous issues. You can fix this issue with the video slowdowns on the YouTube and impede your system running slowly over again.

Check The Internet Connection:

This is more often than not the final thing a lot of natives do when actually it ought to be the initial. A number of internet service providers begin choking or limiting rates without even letting you know, and this will reason this issue. If you long to discover out of the ISP is playing dirty with you run a quick Comcast Speed Test.

Check The Software That Helps Playing The Videos Smoothly:

The second issue might be with the software necessary for playing the videos. Have you ever noticed a message stating that the version of the flash player you are using is outdated or not installed properly? It might be installed, but there might be issues with it. If you have some other video players installed; confiscate them at once and then uninstall and then reinstall the flash player on your system. Download the flash player by looking for it on the Google and re-install it. If this does not resolve the issue, go to the next pace.

Clear Out All The History, Cookies And The Temporary Files:

If you are utilizing the internet explorer, then clear out all the history, cookies, and the temporary files and then go for the windows update. At times patching internet explorer will resolve the issue. With videos dawdling on YouTube, you can locate the windows update on the start menu more often than not at the top.

Try Installing A Different Browser:

If the above-mentioned tips do not go well, then try installing a diverse browser. Download and install Firefox and note if this creates any variation. At times just this plain step will resolve the issues.

Check For Any Malicious Software:

If that also does not work then check there is zilch malicious causing the system slowdown. Spyware and Trojans will slow your system right down and have this upshot. Run a complete bug scan and download a virus scanner from the web that will look for the spyware as well.

Clear Out The Registry:

If you still have the issues, then the possible culprit is the system registry. As you uninstall and install programs, the registry begins to widen errors, and it stores a lot of entries for diverse versions of the similar software, even those that you have confiscated from the system that it begins to reason issues. This simplest way to find this out is to run a registry cleaner and look for the errors that are reasoning videos to run dawdling on the YouTube.

Pursuing the above-mentioned steps will not just formulate the videos play better but will also fix a system running slow. In addition, you should also run the Comcast Speed Test frequently to keep a check on it.