Load Pickup Options from Junk Haulers in Minneapolis

Junk Haulers in MinneapolisCustomized services from junk genius are enabled by the wide range of load pickup options they provide. They can optimize the process by offering 4 types of pickup services at your doorstep. You can place your quote request by filling the online form provided at the “instant book” webpage. You need to enter the zip code of your location, choose the type of load (1/4, ½, ¾ or Full), name and contact details and the required date of service. Once the customer service personnel read your mail they get back to you immediately with the quote. After your approval of the quote they send the required size of truck to your specified location on the required date at the required time.


 Extra Large Trucks from Junk Haulers in Minneapolis

The volume of trucks used by Junk Haulers in Minneapolis is said to be approximately 4 times larger than the average standard size trucks used by others. That means you will be able to save 3/4th of cost when you opt for their services. Even if you opt for full load, this will be equivalent to using 4 standard pickup trucks at the cost of one truck from Junk Haulers in Minneapolis. This is said to be the right way in which a professional system can render cost effective services to the customers. Since the volume of loads may be high during peak seasons (normally summer and spring), you may need to make advance bookings for availing timely services.

Junk Haulers in Minneapolis

  • The loaders from Junk Haulers in Minneapolis are trained to quickly segregate the junk and pack them in right kind of containers, baggage and boxes. They may use variable packing materials depending on the size and type of junk. The closed trucks they use help in avoiding direct exposure of the load to external environment during transport.
  • They can break down or dismantle the large size furniture and fixtures to fit into the trucks. In some instances that may strip down the furnishings and upholstery of the old furniture for easing the process of packing and transportation.
  • The loaders from Junk Haulers in Minneapolis are trained to segregate electrical and electronic appliances, batteries, computer monitors, television LCD screens and others without causing any damages during transit time. The stacking methods adopted by the loaders ensure zero damages to the appliances during transit.
  • The personnel can categorize junk in the form of Paper, corrugated boxes, books, fabric, plastic and metallic utensils, kitchenware, drawing room and bedroom junk, bathware and other utilities.

 Recycling Processes at Junk Haulers in Minneapolis

The method used in the recycling is dependent on the nature of junk. The Junk Haulers in Minneapolis can recycle most of the non hazardous household materials for reusability. When it comes to handling hazardous types of junk, they may use specialized recycling centers. For example you can consider lead, mercury, fluorescent elements, acids and other forms of liquids from batteries and appliances. The Junk Haulers in Minneapolis process them in eco friendly manner before making them usable.